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Budget-Friendly Pricing on Special Designer Collections!
NVTOffice Clips also provides hundreds of special collections of premium images organized by subject and style.  Pick a complete collection and download the entire set of scalable vector format files for one low, budget-friendly price!

New Media Sets This week...

Travel The World
73 Vector Illustrations

Set your sights on travel with this vivid collection of world destinations and landmarks.

Mosaics II
41 Vector Illustrations

The timeless elegance of mosaic art is explored with this rich set of illustrations

Editors Choice

Historical People II
114 Vector Illustrations

A rogues gallery of historic faces who made significant contributions to mankind.

People of The World Unite
74 Vector Illustrations

The diversity of cultural life on our planet is celebrated with this set of illustrations.

Decorative Flourishes II
166 Vector Illustrations

A designer's dream of decorative flourishes and symmetrical garnishes


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